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Business Catalog Website

- Pleasant Transport and Tour Services

A business catalog website for Transport and Tour Company with Bilingual (Home, About Us, Services, Focal Service, Travel Package, Travel Location, Landing Page and Contact Us) pages included.
Our Website Building Strategy
Home page

Built up with Sliding Banner to introduce your business scope in the simplest and clearest way. Let the clients understand your business service at a glance with the Main Heading, Simple Description and “Find Out More” Button to let the clients get to know more about your company services.

Business Specialities stating and specifying to let your customers found their needed service directly.

Services page

One’s own each a page for the company focal services (Emphasize your Star Services / Products).

Services content type-setting.

Landing Page page

Landing page which posting the latest promotion packages offered in the trend with the direct contact to Company Whatsapp to let the clients book their trips immediately.

Travel Package page

Package page which allow you to introduce and update any latest promotion packages offered in the trend along with the single package details pages.

Auto-Filled Travel details

In this project, we had also provide the auto-filled travel details for our clients. Which mean that the clients does not need to fill in the details form themselves but just need to click on the button for the services they wishes to get.

Contact Us page

Enquiry contact form linked to your company email.

Overall Website

Attractive Call to Action (CTA) section which enable direct contact between client and you with the “Contact Us” Button.

Floating Whatsapp Button and Facebook Messenger Chat room at the bottom of the web page in whole site.

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